SONY CDR1611 is acting a little strangely!




I have a SONY CDX1611 16X/10X/40X CD Writer.

I have got this peculiar problem :

  • Its writes perfectly at 8X & takes approx. 10 minutes.

  • When I try to write at 16X it still takes 10 minutes !!!!! Although it should burn the cd within 5 minutes.

The CDR medium I use is 32X Certified.

I use Nero & usually write data CDs and 650MB ISO files.

Firmware as shown in device manager properties for the drive is TYS3. I use Win 98 SE.

My PC : Athlon 1.7 GHz, Asus A7N266VM Mobo, 256MB DDR RAM, Segate 40 GB 7200 RPM HDD.

I hope someone will help me out. Thats the only drive I have.



are you 100% certain it is writing at 16x ?

Just because you select it, doesnt mean that particular drive can write to that particular disc at 16x.

perhaps someone else will be able to show you how to use nero CD speed, unfortunatley i havent tried this program yet.



I even used B’Recorders Gold that came with the CD Writer. I had selected 16X from the drop down box.

Also in Nero I had selected 16X - and I am pretty sure of it.

I have done this for more than 30 CDRs and I will not make the same mistake of selecting a lower writing speed so many times.

I even changed the data cable, reinstalled windows and updated all hardware drivers, disabled all processes even antivirus. System resource shows 90% free.

What should I do ?



Are you trying to burn on-the-fly??? If so maybe the source drive (your CDROM or DVDROM) doesn’t send enough data to burn at 16x (have you enabled DMA?)… Try burning from an image. It may work…