Sony CD-RWs

Does anyone know what models of Sony are re-badged Lite-Ons? It’s much easier for me to get hold of a Sony than a Lite On… In particular, is the Sony 52x32x52 a Lite On? or the CRX-300A combo?

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The CRX230E and the CRX300E are both manufactured by Liteon.

It is known, that manufacturers of the following models of CD-writers are
Sony CRX230E & Sony CRX230A - OEM Lite-On LTR-52327S v1.
Sony CRX230ED - OEM Lite-On SOHR-5238S.
SONY CRX230E5 - OEM Acer/Benq?

Whether it is known, who makes
Sony CRX230E1 - ?
Sony CRX230EB - ?
Sony CRX230EB2 - ?
Sony CRX230E10 - ?

Those are probably just CRX230E’s.