Sony cd-rw problem ,cannot install

when i am trying to install my sony cd-rw crx175a1 ,windows xp are not starting but stay at boot screen and loading loading… if sometimes is start up at windows xp the computer is freezes . the device is working properly in another computer ,when i use safe mode in my computer and at normaly mode in my computer at past . what is happening ? :confused: :confused:

(sorry for my bad english )

ok you say in safemode it “at past” what do you mean, does it work finen in safemode?
you may want to try doing a firmware update on the computer it works on and then try, but the mot likely problem is that you have the jumpers set wrong, i suggest you try setting the drive to “slave”.

ben :slight_smile:

in safe mode now the device is working with no problems . in past the device was working properly in normal mode ,not in safe mode . jumpers is ok .