SONY CD-RW CRX230ED 4YS1 problem

Hey everyone!
I have a little problem. Actually, it’s not my problem, but my cousin’s. His SONY CD-RW CRX230ED (firmware version 4YS1) burner is not working good. It can only read audio CD’s, and can’t burn anything. I think that problem is in firmware, but I’m not sure. Can anyone help? :confused:

Either bad media or the drive is going to die…

Cleaning it could help.

I thought it might be possible to crossflash it with an LG firmware. That’s why I put this thread here… I know it’s possible to crossflash it with Lite-On firmware, but I’m not sure if this can help. We’ve tried to clean it already, that’s notthe problem.

Thanks anyway. Maybe I shouldn’t post this thread under “LG burners” forum…

What? Who told you that??

It’s an LiteOn OEM, it has nothing to do with an LG!!!

Yeah, you’re wright. It is kind of stupid question, ain’t it? :o I’m not expert when talking about optical drives. I prefer other hardware… :smiley: