Sony CD-RW CRX230e



Hi,I am having a problem burning a standard cd-r on this but no problems with cd-rw,it does not recognize anything else that is inserted into the drive,i.e any recorded cd other than a cd-rw does not get recognized it just says please insert a disc into drive f.Has anyone got any thoughts on this,thanks,Roy.


was it reading/burning CD-R before?


Yes it was ok,it will only read and burn to cd-rw now and will only play cd-rw and nothing else.


ok…u should try a cd lens cleaner…perhaps the lens got some dust…

Side-note: DVD writers are very cheap nowadays man…U should consider buying one…I would recommend liteon…N even LG…I was surprised to see how LG DVD writers became very good over the past few years…They are no more the crap they were years ago…

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I have just tried a lense cleaner in the drive and it will not play it,deleted upper and lower filters,still the same.


try to update the firmware of your cd burner


I have updated firmware but still the same,will read cd-rw and burn to these but will not recognise cd-r,won,t even let a lense cleaner operate.


ok…could u try the burner on another machine? the problem could be with your computer…so try the burner in another computer…