Sony cd-rw crx220e1 problem!

hello. i have a problem with the cd-rw that i mentioned above…
I really dont know what happened…
The drive works great with cd-rw media, but with the cd-r media DOESNT!
funny sounds are heard, but somehow the writing doesnt start. with smartburn turned off the problem wasnt fixed, i tried to flash the drive, but again all the same! what to do?

Maybe the re-writer needs some cleaning? but it’s not that old i guess… it just makes some reaaaaaaaaaally weird noises. also, it 's not reading the audio & data cds at all, or if it is, then it’s at a rate of about 8x (tested it with nero 6 and easy cd&dvd creator 6)

Notice: I have now flashed the firmware back to 6ys1 because the problem still remains even with the firmware changed

Umm this isn’t about a LiteOn so I’ve no clue why you posted in here, should be moved by admin. Post computer specs, update your BIOS and chipset, and reinstall the drivers then report back.


well as it seems you do not know much at all

the sony crx220e1 is a LITEON LTR-52246S just rebadged or oem!

as ive replied to you almost 10 times now


you are not helpful…

maybe we should report you to the admin and have you removed!


i do not know a fix to your peoblem but it sounds like a drive that is going bad or needs a lens cleaning… try using a can of air duster and spray a few shots into the drive while its tray is open making sure not to put the can upside down or spray too long as that might spray some liquid C02 on the inside of the drive and that would not be good…

is the drive in a dusty area or where someone smokes?

Ok try and get me removed if you want, I know I don’t know everything. If I said something wrong please correct me, I may have just made a mistake or something. I mean I was answering posts for like 6 hours straight, I read through like 100+ threads. Perhaps someone told be something wrong. Plus I don’t check cdfreaks every 2 seconds to see how many times someone repliesto me.