Sony CD-RW CRX216E not burning properly

I have this Dell Dimension 2350 from 2003 and its got this CD-RW drive, which is a Sony CRX216E PD01. I think the PD01 is the firmware thingy (I’m a really big newbie).
Anyways, this computer was passed down to me and the original person always said the drive was read-only, until five days ago I found out that the drive could write too.

So I downloaded BurnAware Free and tried to burn an Audio disk onto a CD-R. First 3 were coasters, the drive started burning but then 12 seconds in, it stopped.
Then on #4 I changed the speed and re-installed the software and it started working!! BUT then midway through to song #8 it stopped again!!! This error message occured: A write error occured (Bad request [invalid address for write]).

I tried it out on my radio and it worked perfectly fine until to the part where it stopped burning. Since #4 I tried 2 other cds and they ended up like #4 too. Another type of error message went up this time: Write Error (Medium Error)

I also noticed that the actual burning speed is way higher than what I set it to. I set it to 8X on the Recording tab of the CD-RW properties window, and I also set it to 8X on BurnAware but the actual speed is like 27.8x and it keeps on going higher. It almost reaches 29X before it stops burning.

I’ve wasted 7 cd-rs already… what is the problem here???

Ok problem resolved, updated with firmware from this site:

But strangely enough, the firmware somehow changed my original Sony CD-RW CRX216E into a CRX230E

Tried your fix sirLyz, changed my crx216e ~> crx230e, and was noted by itunes when i went to burn a CD, but it still locks up midway through a burn…

any other recommendations?

'preciate it…