Sony cd-rw crx215e1 - can't read or burn DVDs

For quite a while i’ve been the proud owner of a “sony cd-rw crx215e1” - and never had any problems burning music cds or just general data cds … Up untill today i’ve never burned any DVDs or used any DVDs on the drive, so I thought i’d try that out. But to my disappointment, the drive failed to recognize any DVD, regardsless of reading one or trying to burn one.

I’ve tried reading a few different DVDs but none seemed to work. I’ve then tried to burn a DVD slice, first on a no-name DVD and then a “verbatim” DVD slice, but none got recognized.

Anyone experienced the same problems? Can the problems be fixed?
Or should I start looking to buy a new drive :slight_smile:

it’s a cdrw drive. It’s hardware is not capable of reading nor writing DVDs