Sony CD-RW CRX175A1 & Sony DVD DDU1621 Firmware

If anybody can help me finding these firmwares… thx :smiley:

You can find firmware for the Sony DDU-1621 at The firmware page.

cld u help me identify which version i need?
had bad experience flashing to s2e9…
read all the docs on this, but cant determine which 1621 release i got…

other point. heard that sony just stamped their name on a lite-on model. anybody know which one?

cld u get it 2 work full dma? mine - when it worked - wld go dma2 max… disappointing, considering there were some good perf reports on this drive… :frowning:

Find CRX175A1 firmware at my page. It is an OEM Lite-ON LTR-24102B and cannot be overclocked. If you have another version than 5YS2, then please back it up before flashing and send it to me. I have 5YS2 and 5YSA on my site, 5YSA is a Lite-ON firmware modified to have the Sony name. It should give you the latest features without you losing your drive’s name. Mt. Rainier is not currently supported on any LTR-24102B drive…