Sony Cd-rw Crx140e

Hello again,
I have a couple of questions.First i need to make clear that the CD-RW i have is listed as the SUBJECT.I want to make a backup copy of shadows of undrentide and i am greener than the grass to copying so i need guidance HEAVILY.Ok,I think i have the right .bwa file but ill run it by you guys anyway,its(v4.84.76.0010 ).I also want to make sure that i understand the process correctly for this procedure and that is what i need guidance on because i really dont understand the jargon thats used too clearly, therefore clouding my understanding of the various steps. If i understand correctly i must have the following for this particular game am i right?(CLONECD+TWIN PEAK,ALCOHOL 120%(RPMS),and BLINDWRITE(.BWA BUILDER).Ok now on to the questions so there will be no VAGUE areas where i will have to keep stopping 50 times to ask another nitpicky oversight.What does the rpms in alcohol 120% mean?is that something i need to know?HOW do i build the right .bwa files for future burns?In other words what are the steps to building the proper .bwa files?Now the last question would be the most difficult one for dang sure which is would someone be willing to tell me on the board for other newbie help as well the BASIC OR EXACT steps to backing up the game mentioned in this post?Man,i hope i am asking the right questions and not being too blunt for my own good but if you dont ask someone something you never will know if you will get a favorable response or not because you didnt JUST ASK.Ok,i prolly left something out for my lack of sleep but thats about it other than telling you that the shadows of undrentide cd was bought in the USA.LATER