Sony CD-R

I’ve managed to get ahold of some Sony CD-Rs from a friend. The packaging says that they’re Made in India.

The Manufacturer ID is Sony.

This is what the packaging looks like:

Anyone tried these before?

So those are made by Moser Baer India, maybe with Sony ATIP.
I don’t know what they are like. MBI CD-R are maybe good for everyday use, but not more. I’ve had a few Imation CD-R die after half a year.

I suspected they would be Moser Baer but I was a bit shocked when I saw Sony as the Manufacturer ID in Nero CD Speed.

I’ve got some Moser Baer Imation CD-Rs myself. They’re okay but nothing special.

I just wanted to find out if anyone else had come across these CD-Rs before - so I could at least get an idea of what to expect with this media.

But if they’re basically the same as my Imations then I might aswell sell them on Ebay because I don’t really need them.