Sony CD-R Printable

hi! i wanted to ask you what’s your opinion on this discs sold as Sony CD-R printable, manufactured by Ritek Co. (Disc ID: 97m15s17f). I’m from Argentina, and I need them for recording audio. We don’t have many options here to buy, just this Sony CDs and some printable ones from IPC/TDK/Ridata/Imation/Memorex/Nipponic (all of them probably come from the same factory, Industrias Plásticas Catamarca [IPC], in Argentina, the stampers from Plasmon Data Systems, Disc ID: 97m27s18f). There are also some Kodak CD-R (the ones on the photo, but i have no more info about them). the Plasmon ones I know they are crap, and the Sony being Ritek I guess they are better? the Kodak ones I have no clue, I couldn’t find any info. I really don’t have much of a choice, but I wanted to hear you opinions on these discs. I record them in audio format with IDE drives at the slowest speed possible. Thank you so much!

Here in the US, the last Kodak-branded discs I saw on store shelves (at MicroCenter, before they reduced an entire aisle of optical media down to one shelf) were AML - pure crap made in China. I wouldn’t necessarily paint them all with the same brush (they had AML BD-R discs which were at least acceptable) but given the choice of others I’d steer clear.

Once audio and videotaping gave way to DVD/CDs - I went with Sony DVD-R and CD-R exclusively. That was some 15 years back. And, I have no reason to regret my choice - older discs play as good as if I’d recorded them yesterday. I’ve purchased DVDs of TV shows that were not printed on worthy discs and transferred them to the Sony DVD-R - they play great. Some of my relatives complain that their discs have not fared as well - skipping - sticking - even warping in some cases. Again, I’ve found no problems with Sony - both versions - DVD-R or CD-R - both are great!

Sony stopped producing their own media about 11 years ago and, at least for the DVD media, were using Ritek as their OEM. While not quite a bottom-feeder, Ritek’s quality has been up and down with different grades of quality being distributed under different labels. I suppose that at least at the outset, they were fulfilling QC requirements from Sony, but that was a long time ago…

Guess I’ve been lucky with the Sony discs. Who do you recommend as better? I’m always willing to upgrade.

Depends how much you want to spend :grinning:

CMC is producing discs using licensed Taiyo-Yuden formulas (which for years had been the standard for quality). JVC (Japan) is still producing authentic T-Y.

Random examples, just for orientation:

Thanks for the information. Nice to know it’s out there.