Sony cd extreme question

When I try to use sony cd extreme burning software with my liteon 40x12x48 burner, I receive the following message:
“no compatible recorder drives have been found in this computer”
No problem with the old burner, an LG ced-8080b, recently replaced by the liteon 40125S. What is it trying to tell me, update software, try a new burning software, or, get another drive if you want to use Sony cd extreme?
Thanx in advance.

liteon LTR-40125s burner ZSON firmware
sony cd extreme software build 2.0.753(eng)


Sony CD Extreme is a licensed copy of Prassi Europe software, now owned by Veritas.

The Prassi/Veritas PX Engine Update 1.1.342 supports the Lite-On LTR-40125S and will update your Sony software.