Sony CD burner and software

I need help!!

I got a sony Cd burner…and it came with a B’s recorder gold software to burn cd’s

I burned my first CD but on my second CD an error came which said…check that you have sufficient disk memory secured.

I still have 14 GB in my c drive…

what can I do to fix this.

It is probably the disk that is out of space. Was the CD already full or closed?

i’m having the exact same problem with the exact same program. I just got this burner and i burnt the first cd no problem then the next day i went to burn another one and while the files are being extraced it says there isnt enough hard drive memory secured. it is not in any of the FAQs on the website.

can anyone help?!?!?

And why dont you use other program ???

it says there isnt enough hard drive memory secured

I haven’t used this particular software, but it sounds as though it is looking for 700MB of continuous HD space for it’s cache/image file and isn’t finding it. Look for a setting to locate the cache somewhere other than the default location.