Sony car audio system is not reading cd burnt by compaq latptop

my sony car audio system is not readin CDs burnt by my compaq laptop.
It is able to read all other CDs burnt by some other burners, it is able to read a RW CD burnt on compaq laptop.
CDs burnt on compaq laptop are being read by my home PC and CD player.
Also car uadio system was able to read the CDs initally and its only now that its not able to read CDs burnt on laptop.

Does anybody has an explanation for this behaviour?
Can i use the same CD-R cleaner for a CD-RW+DVD-R drive of my laptop ?
Sony audio system rejects CD cleaner saying that it doesnt have music, so how do i clean it?


Do Not use any type of cleaning disc with a DVD drive. The disc’s can scratch the drive’s lense and ruin it. Portable and car audio drives can be very picky about media. You could also try lowering the burn speed. Another thing to keep in mind, is heat can affect recordable media. If your car gets really hot, it might degrade the data on a recorded disc.

Good Luck!