Sony BWU-500S crossflash to LiteON

I have one Sony BWU-500S 2.63, is second generation drive with bus encryption. I think is a LiteON iHBS112 second generation, with PL0x firmware.
EEPROM Utility can read the EEPROM and I find in the rom file the LITEON text, that gives to me the idea that it si actually one LiteON.
I don’t have any bin file for one version of the firmwares like PL03, PL04 or PL05.
I would like to risk and flash my Sony with any of above PL0x bin version firmwares.
I hardly believe that is actually one iHBS312 drive because is manufactured in October 2011.
Do you have one bin firmware for at least PL03 ?
Do you think could to risky to crossflash ?