Sony BWU-200S Blu-ray Rewritable Drive Review

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“The Sony BWU-200S is a well balanced 4X Blu-ray burner that also boasts 16x DVD±R recording with a SATA interface".

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I have owned this burner for about a week and a half. So far, so good - no coasters burned yet. A good thing with blank media at $15-20USD. My Panasonic DMP-BD10 home player has no problems playing home HD videos burned with the Sony burner. Check out your player’s format capability before burning any discs with any BD burner. Some players (like my Panny) will play only BDMV format; some players will play BDAV. This burner will burn either, but some burning software won’t support BDAV. I am using Ulead Movie Factory with the HD add-in; it will burn either format. Others have noted that the Sony’s drawer won’t fit thru a normal cutout - that was the situation with my Dell XPS400. Tried trimming out the hole in the Dell; gave up and mounted the burner in an external enclosure. Overall, thumbs up even at the $600USD price.

Harry, what is the enclosure that you use, please?

hmm, as in most of Kip’s reviews there are no pictures of the inside of the drive, which in my opinion tells us a lot more about the technology used inside. Not at all interested in how the left and right side of the drive looks like. :c

Only $500 more to go until it’s affordable.

Cheaper per gigabyte to get an HDD and download x264 rips :wink:

Ouch! $600, well. it IS a blue ray drive after all… Yes dvds were crazy expensive too in their day… but then again the format war is in the midst of Gettysburg battle. So it won’t be long before one camp caves in… and popularity forces price redux.

“Harry, what is the enclosure that you use, please?” It is actually a cannabilized external one for a DVD drive. External 5.25" SATA enclosures are a little hard to find and are well over $50 when you do. I had to run a power cable and SATA cable out of the back of the PC and the back of the external enclosure. The enclosure I use has a power switch that is not maintained and the PC showed drive not available when booting if the power was not on. So, I ran an cable from the PC power supply. Kinda junky doing it that way, but it works.

The LG GGW-H20L is selling for about $400 on ebay. It can write BD-R at 6x though 6x media seems not available yet. I tried TDK BD-R 25GB 2x certified media using the bundled software power2go. It was recognized as 4x by the software and finished writing a full disc in about 25 minutes. The above review didn’t mention TDK BD-R. I wonder how BWU200S would perform with this media.

Does it work under 64-bit Windows (WinXP Pro x64 or Vista 64)?

Installed in my tower last night and Vista 64 had some issues with the software on installation. had to choose not to install parts of the package but once the rest were installed and upgraded the player for Blu-Ray commercial compatibility the rest of the software installed fine. no problems since then. :stuck_out_tongue: