Sony BWU-100A Write Speed Problem

I have had the Sony BWU-100A Blu Ray Drive for about a month now, and have only 1 complaint-it writes at 1x when I am writing to any blu ray media. I have used both the cyberlink software the drive came with as well as Nero software and it only burns at 1x. Does anyone know how I can increase the write speed-I read awhile ago the anydvd forum that there is some kind of internal write protection on the burner and nothing can be done. Does anyone here know if that is true? Thanks.

I’ve read that it has used AUTO Verify - that is the reason for the low speed.

What media have you used?

I think chef is correct, the verification is enabled but I don’t see a way to disable verification in Nero or Cyberlink. Perhaps someone else can help.

In the meantime, you can use ImgBurn (freeware) and enable fastwrite so it will burn BD-R/RE at 2x. In ImgBurn: Tools - Settings - Write - enable “DVD-RAM/BD-RE FastWrite”