Sony burners or liteon burners

Hi there guys i posted this already but i wanna know if now sony burners can actually do protected games and audio cds on the market like other dicussions i have seen here. I sold my liteon 24x burner couple of days ago and wanna know if Liteon 40x is still a better option or should i be ordering a sony

thanks guys

Let me know which burner i should get

Why should you buy a Sony?
It’s like throwing all your money away…
Pay more for an identical burner? No, get a new Lite-On.

I know that liteons are the best at copying games but here in this same lite on forum a post about sony burners supposedly liteon rebags and also able to copy copy protected audio cds, i ask this coz i wanna know if i can have the best of both the worlds

thanks for any replies

Come on people who own these burners test them out please and post your findings

The Sony CRX175A2 I have is a 24X rebadged Ricoh burner,
it copies Medal of Honor without problems
it copies Cactus Data Shield 200 without problems(slow read,but even an Ultraplex 40X TSI is slow with that protection)
it CAN’T copy latest Key2audio (Celine Dion)

But you need to check amplify weak sectors to get SD2 games to work, right?

It probably won’t work without AWS.

No,that’s the fine thing of this drive…:smiley:
Copied the MOH game WITHOUT AWS!!
It was with béta4,and I disabled the AWS option before starting to burn…