Sony Burner, Sony Media, yet slow burn

I posted in the newbie section and was referred here…

I have a Sony DRU-540a (apparently equivalent to DD1203 or something) I have been searching but cannot find any info.

I bought Sony DVD-R 1-16x media the other day, the burner apparently should write up to 8x on DVD-R and 12x DVD+R yet it only allows 4x with this media.

Even some no name cheapo media registers and burns at 8x…

What can I do? From what I have read, there might be a firmware update that can help. (I tried some hacked DD1203 firmware, but it didn’t change anything.)

Sorry if this is total ‘newbie’ but I am trying to learn!!



It is maybe an Optorite OEM drive.

What firmware is on the drive actually?

I would try with 8x rated good DVD media and update the burning software too.