SONY Branded TY Media in the US



Everybody is aware that 8x Sony DVD+R with an MIJ on the label is YUDEN00 T02. However; I have purchased 3 50 pack cakes of Sony AccuCORE DVD-R media this week - all indicated made in Japan - all had the distinctive octagon spacer - and all were Taiyo Yuden. The 1-16x rated were TYG03 and 8x rated were TYG02. Isn’t this a new development? All the previous Sony DVD-R media I purchased (whether MIT or MIJ) were SONY08D1 (8x) or SONY16D1 (16x). I posted some comments on this in the Bargain Basement forum thread for the BestBuy media sale but figured that it was more appropriate for discussion here. Anybody else found Sony branded TY -R media?


I believe I heard somewhere that all MIJ Sony’s are Taiyo Yuden, even if they code out as Sony’s. Maybe it’s just they code out as Sony’s because it’s just like renaming/rebadging.


No, Sony manufactures its own DVD media in Japan. Those are the ones with the Sony codes. They use a totally different hub and stamper numbering scheme than TY media.


:disagree: As [B]Two Degrees[/B] just explained, this is not correct.


Are you indicating that you found TYG03 in a pack of MIJ Sony 16X DVD-Rs? If that’s the case, this is certainly an interesting development. :iagree:


The 16x +R MIJ Sony is great stuff too. Sony D21.


A bit off-topic here, but be it.

I haven’t been impressed by these D21 as yet. Do you have some scans and reading curves to show us? :slight_smile:
Also several recent Sony MIDs don’t do very well in accelerated aging tests, so I tend to dismiss Sony media. But I’m interested nevertheless.

If you post some D21 scans and reading curves, please create a new thread, or use the blank media test reports forum. :wink:


Certainly. Now that Fuji stopped outsourcing to TY, new branded sources are welcome. :iagree:


I would totally agree that anything made by Daxon will, in general, do terribly in accelerated aging tests. I tend to avoid Daxon made Sony, because burn quality is only average, bonding is poor, and predicted lifespan isn’t very long.

However, I wouldn’t completely dismiss MIJ Sony media. It can be quite good. I suspect that all the Sony media C’t tested was made by Daxon, but I have nothing to back that up.


A number of scans are posted here:


:iagree: Yes sir! Two of the three I purchased were 16x and MID = TYG03. I actually purchased the 8x on a whim since it had the MIJ label and the distinctive octagon spacer. It’s MID = TYG02. The 8x I didn’t find all that surprising as there was another thread a month ago stating TYG02’s were showing up under Sony’s brand. This was the first TYG03 under Sony’s brand that I had heard of (here in the US anyways). I tried to read the numbers on the hub but my eyesight isn’t that great. Couldn’t find my magnifying glass either. Will try to identify further after work.


That is VERY interesting indeed. :iagree: Maybe we’ll also start to find YUDEN000T03 in Sony, too?


I bought a Sony DVD-R 16X and a Sony DVD+R 8X from BB, both are MIJ. The MID on DVD-R is “Sony 16D1”. The MID on DVD+R is “YUDEN000-T02-00”. They are on sale this week, as well as Verbatim DVD-R, DVD+R and DVD+R DL.


Could you confirm something for me? The DVD+R spool had an octagon shaped spacer on top of the spool I bet. Those MIJ 16x DVD-R had a round spacer didn’t they? I have found that the MIJ DVD-R spools with octagon spacers are TYG02 (8x) and TYG03 (16x). Not all stores have them. I have a relative that checked Bestbuy in Lexington and all their dvd-r are the SONY16D1 media like you found.


You are exactly right.


Thanks alan1476 - I saw where you got ahold of some of this media in another thread. Been trying to pass the word for several days. Was beginning to think nobody believed me. :bigsmile:


but too bad the best buy I stopped by on my way home yesterday had no -R MIJ 16x with octagon spacers. They did have some +R 8x TY but I have [B]too many[/B] of those so I didn’t pick up any.

[B]I don’t know[/B] if YUDEN000T03 exists under sony brand but I still checked all the MIJ +R 16x for octagon spacers just for the fun of it. Maybe I was just hoping it did. :bigsmile:


Did those tests differentiate between Sony MIJ and Sony MIT?

Sony uses the same media codes for it’s non-TY MIJ and MIT media. The MIT is made by Daxon, the MIJ by Sony themselves. The MIJ is way better. If a test only goes by media codes, it isn’t telling you anything.


No, TY 16x +R is not sold under the Sony brand, at least not yet.

Also, the octagonal spacer on spindles is only significant for finding TY -R media. It has no meaning yet for finding TY +R media, because all the 8x +R MIJ is TY, whether it has the spacer or not, and there is no rebranded 16x +R TY available yet, at least in North America.


I don’t know if this scan is accurate or not , coz it is performed on my Pio 110 which is not a good scanner , but here it is :

Sony D11 DVD+R MIT “10 pack Jewel Cases” :

The same Disc and the same drive but with DVDInfo Pro :