Sony bows to Apple format and will soon support AAC

I just posted the article Sony bows to Apple format and will soon support AAC.

clinging to it’s proprietary Atrac format, Sony just recently has decided to
embrace other popular audio compression schemes such as Mp3 and even Microsoft’s
WMA. But, in this latest…

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sony really needs to work on the software side & open up the walkman to be an usb storage class sonic stage is bloated & buggy as hell & usb drivers can clash the system; i don’t think sony is supporting anything other than win2k/xp

Actually Sony is one of AAC’s Creators also it will not support itunes.

lol, ‘bows’??? heh. Sony is supporting it just because their sales are down or nowhere near that of apples ipod. I’ve got a son hd5 and its alright, my sisters got the nw-a1000. If they had got the artist link function right, and just used sonic stage instead of making a worthless program called ‘connect player’ they would be slightly better off than they are now, not beating apple, but still a bit better off.

Jef- I don’t know, you may be right about the support of iTunes. But from the article link: [i]The change will enable users of some types of Walkman digital audio players to listen to music imported from Apple’s music management software.[/I] What this means I don’t know either (I don’t know much) but, this could be construed as iTunes.

construed?? heh?? If you mean that sonys going to let sony walkmans use itunes then you;re wrong lol. They will just update the firmwares so that the players can understand the codec. It’s quite funny really, by letting apple itunes users put tracks onto sony walkmans, sony is actually shooting any business it was getting from its own ‘connect music store’ out of the sky, lol.

Before i read the article Crabby i read this

So your best guess is as good as mine.:slight_smile:

Hmmm. I don’t use iTunes (and I never will) or any lossy “service”. But, I read that link you put up jef and now I am confused. Indeed if they do not support fairplay, then this is much to do about nothing.

Do you download lossy songs Crabby or are all your songs in flac, wav or ape format?