Sony BMG to persue legal version of Grokster

I just posted the article Sony BMG to persue legal version of Grokster.

 Sony-BMG  has decided to forge ahead with a legal version of Grokster, this is even  in light of Mondays Supreme Court ruling concerning the MGM-Grokster  issue.                 ...
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For this bribed Supreme Court is more dangerous a company that produces a p2p application than a company that produces cars or guns used to kill people…LOL this is mad!! USA are becoming the “United Corporations of America”! People should wake up and fuck up these damn lobbists…
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Completely off-topic Why are the forums down!!! :frowning:

Maybe the next step is Sony to sue the whole internet for the possibility to share copyrighted materials :+

ssssshhhhhh don’t give them ideas like that

not sure what is LEGAL VERSION of grokster; it is legal as it is. this is just a propagation from $ony, mgm, and other copy cartels. they need to wake up & work hard like everybody else to earn income. :d

Since we realize these are cartels… let us also understand that this is all part of a ploy for publicity and distraction. By distraction, I mean, it diverts attention from real issues.