Sony BMG settles with FTC over DRM charges

I just posted the article Sony BMG settles with FTC over DRM charges.

After Sony BMG caused such a backlash over the sale of DRM infected Audio CDs, including some with dangerous rootkit based software that resulted in legal action, Sony BMG Music has now agreed that…

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Long way to go yet , given that time is money for computer consultants $150 is peanuts relative to the real disinfection costs!(note the wording up to which I take as a maybe $25 sales voucher if you strike it lucky) Still based on a perusal of the latest financial filings , the only real gem in the SONY crown , is the joint venture with SAMSUNG , all else they sell appear to be the equivalent of an Edsel , whilst the competition is continuing to wipe the floor at every other level! Remember also , at international level outside the USA , the attitude of the SONY wholly owned and controlled local subsidiaries is still totally unrepentant! This ruling allows the corporation to redress the rootkit in a different set of clothes only though with appropriate revised labelling! So undoubtedly , the mark 2 version is now ready to fly out the doors to start the infection all over again , given that the man who authorized this rubbish still remains Howard Stringer’s right hand man to this very day! :c