Sony BMG proposes deal & its legal issues come near an end

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 Since the discovery of Sony BMG's use of rootkits  software back in  October 2005, they have faced a serious amount of bad  publicity and upset a lot of  customers as a result of how...
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Whatever the fallout will actually be, no one knows. I think the proposed settlement should include free home computer services to remove the rootkit. And Sony should also be made to pay for any time lost to a dead computer. The proposed settlement should cost Sony dearly.

Interesting one cent in the dollar settlement, slap on the wrist with one strand of limp spaghetti, to clear a mere 25% of the problem, whilst remaining in the clear to hammer the rest of the world with their invasive rootkit DRM schemes! Well, it did prove one thing, all multinational corporations are now free to commit any form of cyber terrorism, in the guise of protecting themselves under the Bono DMCA, they feel free to use, with minimal penalties, if at all!

Translation: “Let’s buy 'em out now and stick it to 'em between the shoulder blades later.” "**** 'em.

I’m really tired of this “fear of piracy” excuse for legitimising the screwing over of the honest, paying customer with these annoying DRM schemes that are proprietary and buggy. There are laws on the books to take care of pirates. Plus, I am sure that if ever there comes a time when a foolproof DRM comes along, that when you buy a CD they will try to charge you 99 cents to rip a track. Any bets?

When they are guilty they are resposible for a mere $7.50 payout for damages… When Joe Public is found guilty he is resposible for thousands of dollars in payout for damages… Does this surprise anyone? :r

This is a typical class action law suit. Class gets pennies, Lawyers get millions! Peole need to tell the Judge the settlement is not enough. Better yet the Justice Dept. and our elected officials (find one not getting money from Sony) should be speaking up. I haven’t heard much from them. They are real quick to get on their knees and open wide for the RIAA and MPAA, what happened to the people they are supposed to represent who are getting screwed?

When you look at what was done in their name when bit torrent downloader’s were pursued into bankruptcy for illegal downloads this settlement is grossly unfair. Sony’s CEO is now squealing like a stuck pig saying it has nothing to do with Sony. They are in a better position to pay substantial damages than ordinary people. International corporations are the new Nazi’s using sledgehammer tactics on ordinary people. On rule for them and one rule (or no fair rules) for us.