Sony BMG aims to amend XCP CD users with MP3s & new CDs

I just posted the article Sony BMG aims to amend XCP CD users with MP3s & new CDs.

  When Sony initially started its Digital Audio Player Walkman series, they were totally  against the MP3 format, however after very poor sales, they 

added MP3 support on their later…

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Hmm, they will probable come with Sunncom’s Mediamax, which installs software even when you say NO! “Freedom to tinker”, has pointed that it has some security problems as well. Oh well, once bitten twice shy!:r

yeah, go ahead with the recall and destroy the evidents so nobody got the vital evident - the real rookit CD to make a claim. If you want genuine music, then go swap the CD. If you want to make a claim, then keep the evident, the disc itself. Why all the time when damage was done then make remedies. Why don’t big companies really care for their genuine customers in the first place? All these DRM/protection things are only hurting the honest customers, not their targeted illegal sharers.

My god how stupid do you have to be to download from Sony at this point in time. Sony have already put a virus on to your pc so they say let us have another go. Take the infected disc back to shop and buy a normal audio CD .It worked with MP3 players they all play normal MP3’s now, but if people had been happy with the Sony option it would now be a different story

These MP3’s are also compatible with linux. Can’t remember the XCP rootkit is :d

If nothing else this should bring one point home with crystalline clarity: We the buying public DO have the power to force these bastards to do what we wish because without us, they’re nothing AND THEY KNOW THIS. They’re slaves to their own greed AND SO THEY CAN’T HAVE IT THEIR OWN WAY IF WE DON’T WANT THEM TO. We have them by the 'nads. It’s time to go for the jugular. It’s time for DRM to go DOWN. Make your wishes known - don’t touch a single product from any company that embrace DRM and copy protection this holiday season, both audio and video. Make them BLEED in the only way they know how: Their Balance Sheets. Then watch what happens.

All non-sense. Latest research shows that there is no decrease in sales for Sony CDs or other products. Basically, they win.

I’m just curious whare the poster who said that “latest research shows that there is no decrease in sales for Sony CDs” got his/her info. With their abomidable getting more and more publicity by the hour, where can the rest of us get this up-to-the-minute research??

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