Sony Blu-ray player won't play BD-R's

I have authored a number of Blu-ray disks using Adobe Encore that play perfectly in my Panasonic Blu-ray player. The Blu-ray disks also play fine on my computer. However, the Sony BDP-BX1 and BDP-BX2 players will not play these disks at all, saying that they cannot operate the disk (“invalid” shows up on front panel). This is a problem as many of the customers of my Blu-ray DVD’s have purchased these models at Costco… I have tried Ritek and Memorex BD-R media with no success. The manuals for these boxes claim that they play BD-R. Has anyone had success getting BD-R disks to play on Sony blu-ray players? If so, what authoring s/w, burning s/w, and media are you using? Any ideas for what the problem is? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m not sure what to try next.

Have you updated the firmware on the Sony players? The latest one for the BDP-BX1 and BX2 dates from Oct. 22, 2009:

You probably should start using something other than Ritek BD-R disks by the way. Look at this thread: Memorex uses Ritek as their supplier.

Most of us on these forums are not authoring our own BD videos, but rather are working with rips from Blu ray commercial disks that we own. ImgBurn is the favorite burning program for Blu ray here, but the burning application is probably the least of your problems. I would still try building the Blu ray movie, saving to the hard drive, then try burning with ImgBurn. Use the UDF 2.5 setting, though ImgBurn will adjust that automatically when it finds Blu ray movie structure.

By the way, ImgBurn is free to download and use.

Here is the guide for burning BD video with it:

Thanks Kerry56! The problem was solved when I found the setting in my DVD burner software that specified UDF 2.5. The default was UDF 2.0. My only problem now is that I have to reburn my inventory!

I picked the Ritek media because it appeared to be the only reasonably-priced blanks that were hub printable. Do you have a recommendation for any other brands that you believe are more reliable? BTW, I read in another forum that Ritek had a problem with their DVD formulation four or five years ago that caused the burned DVD’s to become unreadable after several years. This is supposedly what caused them to go from their deep purple writing surface to the lighter color that other manufacturers seemed to be using. It sounds like they may be revisiting the same issue with their Blu-ray disks.

I’m glad you found the problem.

I haven’t kept up with all the hub printable options in Blu ray disks, so I may not be too much help. Right now the worst media seems to be Ritek (which supplies several different brand names, like Ridata, Memorex and Maxell), and Info Source Multi Media which uses the mid code ISMMBDR01.

So far Verbatim seems to be one of the more reliable sources though they make two distinctly different types of disks. The LTH disks with organic dyes they make may not be compatible with your burner. They also make regular BD-R disks with inorganic dyes.

Disks made by CMC Magnetics out of Taiwan have no reports of failure yet either, but it is still early in the game for longevity results from users.

Japanese media has been good, though very expensive.

Look through some of the types here in this thread:

Thanks again for the reply.

I’m a newbie to this forum and I am not familiar with the tool that folks are using to check their disks. I’d like to see if mine are all green and then do some testing over time to see if they degrade. I’ve also got some old Ritek DVD’s with family videos on them that I’d like to test to see if they are holding up. Please let me know the name of the tool, where I can get it, and where I can get instructions for how to use it.

The free software that we use to do surface scans is called Nero CD/DVD Speed and you can still download it here:

Most drives can do surface scans or transfer rate scans with this software.

If you want to do quality scans on blu ray, you’ll need a commercial tool called OptiDrive Control, and a Lite-on BD Rom drive (not a burner). An example would be the Lite-on iHES208 model. OptiDrive Control can be found here:

Here is our guide to CD/DVD Speed:
Only certain dvd drives work for quality scans with CD/DVD Speed, including BenQ, Lite-on, some Samsungs and some Optiarcs, though as I said, most drives can do surface scans and TRT scans with CD/DVD Speed.

and at all cost avoid Ritek media currently (BR1 and BR2 media codes), and any media made in China (ISMM) media might be cheap, but it not worth the risk