Sony: Blu-ray player sales short of expectations

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Sony still believes standalone Blu-ray players will be one of the most popular consumer electronics sold this holiday shopping season, but said sales will not reach earlier expectations.

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The only people to blame for this are Sony themselves. They have been almost dictator-like in refusing Chinese companies to manufacture Blu-ray players that could have reduced the pric to the magical sub-$200 mark a long time ago.

That, couple with the fact that they haven’t enamored themselves to the public by being strict with their pricing structure, has seen them lose ground when in fact they should have been charging ahead.

I recall when the HD-DVD format folded and Sony execs were smugly anticipating a huge growth in Blu-ray use because of it. Funny how things work out, isn’t it? :wink:

Danny Brown.

Well, we will see how well they sell in the coming months when the players are going for 99 dollars and the discs for 15… You can already get a Bluray player for free if you buy a decent set.

I predict we will see bargain prices similar to what I mention above by Feb 09. They have to kill DVD or they lose everything and they have to do it soon. They are in a format war with DVD now- in case they haven’t figured that out yet.

Sony actually admitting they are going to have some problem selling Blu-ray players is not surprising at all. I’m kind of surprised they had the balls to say those things publicly.

When economist are saying that this could be the worst holiday shopping season in 15 years or more, even lower prices aren’t going to save it. When they are saying that unemployment is going to hit 9% in the next 3 months, don’t be surprised if people don’t spend their money on a Bluray player. Their projection that their sales are 10 percent off is low balling it I think. I think it will be worse than what they are thinking.

this manufacture in china thing is dumb, it should be illegal to manufacture there, their economy is booming while the US is dieing. China is the cause of this worlds financial problems, and the stuff that comes from there is crap and doesnt last. i would rather spend $200 and know i am going to have it for a 5 -10 years instead of paying $50 and get a year out of it if im lucky.

Oh China is hurting too. This is a world wide recession. Markets across the globe are suffering.

Just like some of you, I think this 10 percent prediction by the Sony execs is a bit too optimistic for my tastes.

Even though more and more people are buying HDTVs, I’m not entirely convinced a lot of those same people are buying 1080p TVs and are ready to get rid of their DVD players at the moment – the price cut simply isn’t enough.

Maybe if this whole $25M marketing thing was launched earlier and consumers actually saw some advertising or something about it, then it could help make a difference.

I think Sonys biggest problem here is the cost of media, I’ve got a Blu-ray coming for Xmas - just thought I’d have a play. So far thought I’ve bought all the Xmas seasons new releases on DVD, no point in paying that huge premium for Blu-ray. The picture may well be better - but I’m still not paying more than 15 quid for a movie. For now I’ll let it upscale my DVDs.

I think Sony’s biggest problem here is they’re scheming, lying, treacherous, corporate scum who make substandard quality products.

Oh, I know. I was surprised when I found out too.

good point. I agree that until Sony, and the ‘impoverished’ movie studios, reduce the cost of the movies, uptake will be slow.

and i think your problem is that you’re very disillusioned!!

i bet its because you own an xbox360!

i think you’re quite sad that you keep trying to flame sony! were one of their walkmans or vcr’s dropped on your head at a young age?

Don’t tell me, let me guess. You own stock in Sony? You’re a Sony fanboy? You just bought a PS3 and need to defend your purchase?

No, I don’t play console games. If you don’t like what I say about Sony then I think you’d better turn to another channel now. Oh, and Steve, tell your mom I said hi.

er…so you must have had your pc crashed by DRM? you bought a betamax? and no, i won’t bow to your anti-sony religion! i have’nt got stock in sony(and i’m immature?), and i have had my ps3 since launch, because i could see potential in it as a HD media player, as well as a games machine.:cool:

oh…don’t take my mom into this…idiot!:a

you 2 need to get a room :bigsmile:

Well, I’m too smart to let DRM get onto my PC. No, I never had Betamax. You’re right, I shouldn’t have brought your mom into this. For that comment I apologize unreservedly.