Sony: Blu-ray player sales short of expectations

"Sony still believes standalone Blu-ray players will be one of the most popular consumer electronics sold this holiday shopping season, but said sales will not reach earlier expectations.

Sony previously expected to sell 5 million units, with most of the number expected to be sold in the United States. The format is about 10 percent off what Sony executives and others thought they would be able to manage this year, with the cost of Blu-ray movies also causing the format to struggle."

Always interesting when a company like Sony admits that sales numbers will not be what they were cracked up to be. It seems that all these Blu-ray player price cuts came during a bad holiday season, when people aren’t going to splurge on spending as much as we usually do. :sad:

Well once the media/movies come down to dvd level prices to go with the lowering player prices they will sell.
Paying 20 to 30 a movie is not worth it to me unless it’s something I REALLY like and want to watch in full hd glory over and over again.

So Sony expect to sell 5 million units and their new estimate is 4.5 million… 10% short is not bad considering current economy.