Sony @ Best Buy Question

I notice when I go to the Best Buy website that the advertised sale is for the 8x Sony’s, yet when I go to the brick and mortar store they only sell the 16x. Anyone know what gives?

Yes, Sony does not manufactor 8x media anymore. The only 8X Sony branded media you will find is old stock, if are lucky you will find the 8x Made in Japan Sonys that are rebranded Taiyo Yudens. Most of the 8x media is sold out and being replaced with 16X media both + and dash.

So does that mean if I order online that I will receive the 16x not the 8x(even though the description is the 8x)?

The Sony 16x are not TY right? I have these personally…and they are Sony’s code. Not to bad those but would prepher TY.

Most of the Sony 16x DVD-R I’ve seen that had the Made in Japan label was TY, recognizeable by the lot numbers (GH00xxxx).

And they [B]must[/B] have an octagonal spacer :iagree:

I’ve got 100 Sony 16X MIJ , not very good PIE/PIF wise , but for every day use and for 30$+tax , they were a good deal.

I am still waiting my brother to look for 8X +R MIJ sony and if he couldn’t find some , I’ll make him get me Verbatim CMC which is somewhat near TY T02 quality.
I am also considering getting TY from Rima , but this shiny silver top is annoying me , I would prefer Sony TY just for the top surface :iagree:

It’s probably just the image that they use to create the webpage is old.

Never trust the photos of discs/cake boxes shown on websites of brick and mortar stores. They don’t always use the same photo on their websites as what they really sell in the stores.

I don’t even trust the webshops’ (except SVP’s) photos, as they often use stock photos. Verbatim for example uses That’s cakeboxes for all 50 disc cakebox photos, although they in reality don’t come in That’s cakeboxes.

Its not just the image…It also is the item description…I e-mailed best buy and here is the reply I received:

I am pleased to inform you that online you can purchase either the 16x or the 8x DVD+R. I have located the DVD+R on our web site for you. Just go to,
and all the information about that product will be displayed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to your next visit to one of our stores or to

I don’t know if they are full of it or not…I would buy these disks if I thought they were the TY’s.

Hummm…yeah, I wonder about these:

Contact them…

I contacted them and they sent back the message above. I have recontacted them explaining that the online shows that the 8x disks are available for pickup at store locations that I have already went to(at least there were none on the shelves, I didn’t ask anyone if there were any in back but assumed that there were not). This makes me believe that it is an error on best buys site…Like I said I have contacted them.

Warning :

Those 100 packs Sonys are [B]NOT[/B] MIJ , they are MIT Sony D11 MID
Only 50 packs MIJ +R are TY T02

so they are 8x. Interesting…Not TY though…oh well I guess I will wait for newegg to get there verbatim’s back in stock…Can’t beat the price after the rebate(if you get the rebate). $21.40 shipped. Hopefully they arrive when they say on August 28th(those Newegg eta are ridiculas, I have never gotten an e-mail telling me when the arrive stock of something even though I have submitted it on several items).