Sony begins shipping 25GB Blu-ray discs

I just posted the article Sony begins shipping 25GB Blu-ray discs.

  SONY  DELIVERS HD QUALITY WITH BLU-RAY DISC MEDIA  PARK RIDGE, N.J., May 5, 2006  '“ Leading the charge toward the next generation of optical disc-based  high-definition media, Sony...
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Wow It Actually Saw the light of Day Now i have to Eat My Shorts Dang!!:r

Wow all we need now is a device to use them in!!

hope your good friends with the bank manager

I wonder if other vendors will sell these cheaper since Sony usually overprices there media like it was made out of gold.

Fry’s Electronics already sells BD-R media. $21.99 a piece, in individual, wrapped jewel cases. Panasonic or TDK brand, your choice.

Maybe I can refinance my house and put all my home movies on BRD!

Blu Ray Disc Plus Time and Discount 99 cents(Shorts not eaten) :wink:

BD-R seams expensive & overpriced than HDD. Better to get a HDD for less. HDD 1GB = 0.5$ or less BD-R 1GB= 1.25$

Archival Reliability - special material design that prevents data and image corruption and deterioration to ensure quality playback
Wonderful stuff, the first eternal storage medium. Or do they really mean deterioration is slower than normal :+

unless i can rip bd movies, not much use; it would be nice if i can backup multiple dvds to bd though will not jump in until the price of disk goes down to 1usd/disk

U guys r funny as hell i love reading your reactions… I love to have a device as well for at most 550 dollars… There taking a 1000 looars thou minimum:c

I’d buy from any company other then Sony. Who knows what kind of root kit/copy protection is on these discs.

We continue with no answer to a very simple question: if I buy a Sony HD camcorder, edit the files using a package that captures,edits and burns HD to a Sony Blu-ray disc using a Sony PC drive (the one to come), I get a HD home movie. Will I be able to see it with HD quality with my normal monitor or will require new stuff with HDMI and supporting HDCP? Just curious, because I don’t require copyright protection to watch my own home movies…

I think the answer is almost definitely yes. HDCP only applies if the flag has been set, and with home movies it won’t be set. Just like you can copy a home made DVD (without needing to decrypt it).