Sony BDZ-S77 blue-ray recorder preview @ Digit-Life

I just posted the article Sony BDZ-S77 blue-ray recorder preview @ Digit-Life.

About a week ago we reported that Sony will start selling the first blu-ray recorders (23GB discs!) in Japan on April 10, 2003. Now, thanks to Mgz for his tip, we can find a preview of the Sony…

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I really cannot see these catching on for a long time yet. The main uses I can see are for backup of large volumes of data, video editing and Hi-Def TV stuff. Other than that I feel the consumer market will be a few years coming with this technology and perhaps something else will have overtaken it by then (100GB+ holographic discs perhaps)

this stuff is cool - says nothing, once again :slight_smile: about dvd-a audio or 192khz/24-bit audio. too bad.

Once Blu-ray products are released, this should bring down the price of standalone DVD-Recorders. I remember when SDRAM memory prices suddenly dropped with the release of DDR-memory. :wink: