Sony BD-Rs are now made by Ritek?

I bought a spindle of Sony disc thinking that they might be of good quality, probably second to Panasonic.

To my disgust they turn out to be Ritek MID !!! :a:a:a

The burn quality is not that good. Worse than TDK, Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim and other Sony that I used to use. Certainly no where near that of Panasonic.

The mere mention of Ritek send chill up my spine from my previous bad experience with Ritek DVD a few years ago. I would never ever touch anything with the Ritek name on it.

So Sony is not making its own disc now?

Last disc was burned at x4.

This one at x6 and the burn quality is better.

Sony switched to Taiwanese sources for their blu ray discs some time back, at least a couple of years ago.

I’ve avoided Ritek blu ray, especially since the only ones I had deteriorated over a three year span, and could no longer be read or recovered. I only had six of them thank goodness, but I wouldn’t recommend them under any brand name.

Have you tried FTI made blu ray?

Have you tried FTI made blu ray?[/QUOTE]

No have not tried that one. Any good?

I think from now onward I would just keep to Panasonic for both 25gb and 50Gb disc. Cost more but at least I won’t have any worries in the future.

That French test showed that Sony disc is good. It must be made by Sony and not Ritek I gather.

I’ve had very good results using the FTI discs under the SmartBlu brand, and so have many others here in the forums.

But if you can afford the Panasonic discs, they should be a very good choice.

I have been sourcing all my BD-R from eBay Japan so far. They are wonderful sellers and packed the discs extremely well and the parcels usually arrived within a week or a bit more.

The Panasonic discs are now cheaper then the TDK that I used to get when I first starting to burn BD-R. Still remember it used to be US$7 or more and that is through bidding. Sony ones usually cost a bit more.

Now the prices have more than halved if I buy the Panasonic in bulk of 50.

Recently bought a 25 pack of Panasonic BD-R printable for €27 (should be 2 but the online shop seems to have some issues) for and yesterday wrote the first disc.

Really impressive results burning them with my LiteOn iHBS112. Average LDC was between 1 and 2 compared to around 15 on my Mediarange Philip-R04 discs.