Sony BD-R Media

Hi have a question about sony’s 10 pack bdr spindles (Part # 10BNR25RNS). Are these manufactured by sony or are they repackaged ritek’s? I’ve read that sony’s bdr’s were pretty good in the past but these are going for $11 a pack right now…which makes me suspicious :smiley:


Two or three years ago, Sony was selling some very good discs. But they are not making their own blu ray now. They have been buying from Taiwanese sources for quite a while.

If you want highest quality, Japanese made discs, buy Panasonic.

If you are in the US and are looking for a good quality disc at a reasonable price, get the SmartBlu discs made by FTI/Falcon.

Alright, thanks. Is MMM the only place to get smartblu’s?

I’m not the expert on FTI/Falcon media. You might look back in this thread and see if deanwitty finds this thread and offers some advice.

I have ordered from MMM in the past, and though unhappy with their shipping prices, they came through with no issues.

Yeah that’s my only issue with mmm. The shipping/minimum order fees

My curiosity has got the best of me, and I’ll know in 2 or 3 days what they actually are :eek:;).

Yes, MMM is the only one selling 4x 25GB Falcon BD-Rs under the SmartBlu label. They are primarily a large quantity professional market seller, and their pricing is based on this. Hence the minimum order fee.

Digistor has recently started selling 6x 25GB Falcon BD-Rs in their Digistor spindles, a good value for the price. But not quite as universally good burning among different burners as the likes of 4x Falcon, or Panasonic or Verbatim HTL discs.

What burner are you using?

Thanks, I guess we’ll find out sure now :iagree:

I’m using a LG WH12LS38 btw

I called yesterday about when MMM will be getting more of the branded (bd-r) smartblu’s in. The lady said that they are switching to optical quantum for their branded bd-r media. I checked their site today and SBR4BR25 has been replaced with SBR4BR25-OQ :sad:

The ones I received from B&H are in fact NN3’s :clap:. Labeled variety. I’ll burn a few shortly. It remains to be seen if these made in Taiwan Sonys stay comparable to the original made in Japan variety. One can hope.

NO :a

I was worried MMM might lose track when their resident media geek Ryan left there to work for someone else. That is sad news, indeed.

Since its been a few minutes since my WH12LS39 has been cross-flashed to one of the other LS35/38 flavors, I decided to have a bit o fun and test the NN3s with the LS38 firmware I had laying around. Looks like the 38 should do pretty well with these. Started w/ 8x just to push it a bit ;).

It remains to be seen how much the common increase in error level towards the end of the burn with these Ritek-made Sonys affects their longevity. Max and average are still quite good.

Thanks for testing :clap: I’ll probably pick up some sony’s for my normal stuff and some lacquer/inkjet smartblu’s for archiving.