Sony BD-5300s is one hundred bucks and free shipping at NewEgg

:)…i believe…
The original equipment manufacturer of BD 5300S is Sony Optiarc, not Liteon. It is not an ihbs112 rebranded, …(exactly the same)
They use the same board and chipset, but there are some differences.

[SIZE=3]For example “physical” differences:[/SIZE]

[B]Optiarc bd5300[/B]

[B]Liteon ihbs112

[B]Sony bwu 500/ Sony Optiarc BD 5300s (TOP)

Liteon ihbs112 (TOP)

[/B]another example…
the Liteon has compatibility/performance problems with bd-r Verbatim “LTH” 6x.
Optiarc5300S has no problems …


I bought one a week ago because tests have stated a very good Blu-ray quality (c’t magazine, 19/2011, page 104). My first BD-R 16x VERBATIMe (000) written (with the max speed 6x of the BD-5300S) had excellent quality as expected. I tested it with Nero DiscSpeed.
I am very happy with it. Only thing is that Opti Drive Control does not scan Blu-rays with it (