Sony batteries being recalled... again

I just posted the article Sony batteries being recalled… again..

Here we go again, folks. Some of Sony’s batteries are being blamed for more than 40 incidents worldwide of laptops overheating. This comes just two years after the largest battery recall…

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Looks like things just got worse. Now we’re up from 35,000 to 100,000 and Acer and Lenovo have also joined the party. [Link]

I find it odd that Sony is missing from the recall list. Does nobody else find this peculiar?

Another post from you! :clap: Good to know, I have a Dell laptop, I wonder how to find out if it’s affected :sad:

Apple also seems to have avoided the issue!

Grrrrl: Check out this link to see if your notebook is on the list:


Wow… an informative, unbiased article from the Duke. And here I was expecting a Sony bash fest. :clap:

It was informative. So what if I inject some of my trademark-pending DukeHumour? If you don’t like it then there’s the door. Not in the physical sense, you understand.

That number will grow some more before Sony steps in…

WTF that does it man I am calling Doc Brown and going back in time when products used to be made with care and quality and longivity in mind!!! grantend I would not have all the new stuff, but I could bring back some Old Fenders, Gretsch’s and Gibson’s and make millions!!!