SONY AWG-170A (Optiarc 18x NEC-a-like), Will only read about 10% of my disc's!


Had a Sony AWG-170a Delivered yesterday for a very reasonable £19.04 from, though I’m doubting my purchasing decision as it fails to read hardly any of my pre-recorded and cloned disc’s. :doh:

Slip a disc in and i get an Any DVD error up saying your region may not be set (it is set to region 2) or you may have rpc1 or 2 problems with these disc’s, also says something about menus and regions yadda yadda yadda.

Had a snout around and found Some RPC1 and 2 firmware updates off a dutch website, tried the NEC/Sony firmware flashing software and it just hangs, uninstalled my Nvidia drivers thinking that might be an issue but to no avail, it makes a successful dump of it’s original firmware but won’t take a new version despite appearing to communicate with the drive, progress meter shows nothing after half an hour and the flashing app won’t close afterwards.

Has anyone used this drive or got any suggestions, shall i send it back and buy something more flexible.

It won’t even read Macrovisionless region free disc’s, or region 2 Simpson’s disc’s, total PITA! My LiteOn 8x from the dark ages would read anything.

Any advice greatly recieved. :confused:


Sorry mods this is in the wrong place, any chance of sticking it in the NEC optiarc section please. :o

Moved your thread to the NEC forum

You should try to access the discs from within SAFE MODE or try cleaning the drive.

Brilliant whipped out the zip drive on the IDE cable and all started to work well.