Sony AW-Q160S?

hello there, my folks just got a new dell and it has a sony aw-q160s writer in it. i have a few questions for you guys.

#1. have any of you heard of this particular model?
#2. where can i get firmware updates?
#3. do sony drives provide accurate disc quality scans? does this drive?

anything else you would like to add about the drive would be appreciated. a quick search here did’nt turn up much of anyting.

btw, this is an sata drive.

just did a google for that model and came up with it is related to this Lite-On SH-16A7L. hope that helps for something. laters

My new Dell Dimension arrived with this drive. It has a problem: although it plays most of my DVDs, it will not play certain DVDs such as the BBC Plant Earth series and some of my Video DVDs (not copies or bootlegs, etc.). I posted this on the Dell Forum, and there are others having the very same problem with this particular drive. Dell have agreed to replace the Sony with an NEC drive.