Sony aw-g540a11& dw-q520a

Hi all

I am looking for new drive and thinking about this two sony aw-g540a11& sonydw-q520a but there is not so much info about aw-g540a11 and I am wonder what is the difference between this two? I appreciate your advices on this issue. By the way my laptop is acer aspire 1363 wlmi and my old drive was tsst-l532a and it is set up like second master so I need to know if they will fit my laptop. Once again thanks for your help.


The AW-G540A should be identical to the Optiarc AD5540A. I think the other drive is manufactured by a different company.

Thanks Liggy but what I know the DW-Q520a is Sony product. Any way can you tell me which one is better for me or if you can advise me some good one. It would be a big help for me because I do not know which I should buy.
what do you think about these:
liteon slw-831s slot in
liteon ssm-8515s
pioneer dvr k-06 slot in
pioneer dvr k16

Thanks a lot



Sony DW-Q seems to be a Liteon drive.


need more info please :bow:

no worries just bought one

thanks anyway


I tried to flash my Sony AW-G540A with your Optiarc AD5540A firmware but binflash reported “firmware is for a different drive” and aborted.

I was able to save the dump file though. Could you mod the original bin file i saved to add booktype and riplock patch to it?


I have a AW-G540A inside my VIAO laptop. I was wondering if I could get a confirmation on how to flash the drive and most importantly if it would be the right drive to flash

your right binflash won’t accept the drive because of a check on the firmware. Is there a flashing program that allows cross flashing?

I think I mixed up some numbers again. I guess you should be able to flash from AW-G540A to AD-7540A. The AD-5540A should be compatible with the AW-Q540A instead.