Sony AW-G170S doesn't recognize many DVD-R discs

[qanda]This thread is about the Sony AW-G170S. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Last year I installed an OEM Sony Optiarc AW-G170S DVD-RW drive in my Dell 9200 (Win XP SP2). No drivers came with it, but it worked. However, it has problems recognizing / reading many CD-R and DVD-R discs, either blank or burned on another drive (discs that my other CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive sees just fine). It tries and tries and tries until I give up and eject it.

So my newbie question is: Do I need to 1) Find a better driver than one that Windows XP picked, and/or 2) Update the firmware, and/or 3) Get a new drive, and/or 4) Learn what brands it likes and use those discs, and/or 5) Other?

Any clues, leads, links, or hints would be greatly appreciated.

  • jim

You don’t need drivers for installing a new drive - actually there are no drivers for that, windows takes care of it.

For the problem you have with recognition of your discs, it can not read any of the media you insert? Not a single one? Then the problem lies most probably with the drive. If it can not only see the media burned by the other recorder then it might be a bit picky with it and/or maybe the discs are a bit damaged. Updating the firmware could be helpful. Blank media it should at least recognize just fine.

Much obliged for the reply. The drive seems to have problems with certain brands of blank media, and works fine with others. I never kept a list (but I’ll start), but the brand I used the other night that sparked my post was TDK - a brand I’ve always had a lot of success with. Plus the disc worked on 2 other drives. I’ve noticed similar tendencies in other drives, but my Sony is the worst I’ve seen.

I’ll try to update the firmware (I don’t even know what version I have, but I’ve seen posts that should help me through it).

Thanks again.