Sony AW-G170A Firmware 1.71 firmware available

The first Optiarc firmware is available. It’s the 1.71 firmware for the Sony AW-G170A - an Optiarc AD-7170A OEM firmware. Original and RPC1 firmwares are available at the moment. Bitsetting patches may follow later.

A really big thanks has to go to TDB again. :bow:

And ScorpioSoft for that matter, who tried a considerable number of test applications.

A flashing application should be forthcoming shortly…

Brother Vlad

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Is it possible for someone to upload me those firmwares because I still have troubles downloading from Liggy’s site.
Upload address:

And Dee also had to run (and will still have to run some more) applications that sometimes even made her PC hang. :o

A flashing application should be forthcoming shortly…

I guess you will be faster than me - but dumping is already implemented in Binflash. :wink:

Ok, just uploaded to you. Although I messed up on the file name and called it a Sony “SW” instead of “AW”. :o

[B]UPDATE[/B] Oops, sorry I didn’t see you already have it on your website. :bigsmile:

Just the links to Liggy’s page :wink: Thanks for the firmwares :bow:
Did you see the 7173 firmware? :bigsmile:

[B]Update:[/B] Just updated the links so you can also download the firmwares from my site.

What we need the official firmware for the 7173 if we already have it?
It’s not ironic in no way, I am sure it is for something I don’t understand.

RPC1 patches, Bitsetting. :iagree:

Yes for you this is essential but I can’t do anything without your patches.

Be patience. In a short while all the stuff will be available…

No I just want to understand if the original firmware is any good to me except for going back after a patched one.

Saw it :). Media tables of SONY DVD RW AW-G170A 1.71 and Optiarc DVD RW AD-7173A 1-01 are identical.

New MediaCodeSpeedEdit with 717x support will follow I hope :wink: :bow:

The only difference between 7173 firmwares and the previous x57x firmwares apart from the higher speeds (e.g. 18x) is an increased strategy size for DVD-RAM (102 instead of 98 Bytes) and a slightly modified checksum algorithm. So adding support for these firmwares should be easy for you.

Already done with a little help from TDB :).

I got the test flasher for the 7173 drive from TDB. Maybe if Liggy has a test 7173 firmware (with bitsetting) for the 7173 drive I could test it for him.

Could someone tell me how to install this firmware without burning? I’ve just bought the Sony AW-G170A but it came with no software so the unit isn’t even able to be recognized yet. Help much appreciated :slight_smile:

There is no need to update the firmware. You also do not need any driver if you are using XP.

Cheers for that. Though after more trawling I’d come to that conclusion and realise that there may be a drive error. It’s not being recognised by XP and i get a code 37 error message. If anyone has any ideas…?

Master/Slave jumper setting wrong or a bad ribbon cable (use 80-wire). :slight_smile: