Sony AW-G170A Failing Burns

Hey hoping someone can help me out here!

Just ran out of my usual DVD-R 16x TYG03 Full face printables so went along to SVP store and spotted a promo pack of “TYG03 Watershield F-F Printable 16x DVD-R” thought I would try them out as they are meant to have a nicer surface for printing.

They arrived and I stuck one into my burner (Sony AW-G170A) which Ive had for a while now. It then failed around 40% and the green light which indicates burning stoped flashing, it froze up the burning software (Alcohol 120%). Couldnt open up the drive either, ended up stopping some of my other apps working properly so took a reboot to sort it out.

Thought I would have another go and ended up trying about 10 discs from the pack at different speeds from x1 to x18 on different burning software from Alcohol to nero to power iso to magic iso to clonedvd all of them failed and froze at a random % and crashed my system.

I then tested a few out on a laptop which also has a sony DVDRW, cant remember the exact model but this had the same result it crashed at a random %.

I eventualy found I could burn about 2.5gb to the disc before it crashed so I figured they must be faulty discs…until I took one to my other system, cant remember the exact drive off the top of my head but I will check it tomorrow evening. Anyway this time it performed a perfect full burn.

Got my hands on some of the other TYG03 Full face printables -R that I usualy use and these seem to do the same on both the PC and laptop!

Any ideas what could be going on? My drive was working perfect before this no bad burns or anything.

Any help would be fantastic thanks!