Sony AW-G170 won't play DVD's?


I purchased a Sony AW-G170 drive a while ago as part of a new computer system. I have set the whole computer up (I’m using Windows XP as an OS) and everything is running well with one exception. The sony dvd drive I have will record a dvd or cd and can read from them in windows explorer but when I try and have the drive play a dvd movie it crashes and the disc won’t play.

I don’t know a huge amount about dvd drives and just went with the basic plug and play driver built into windows xp. However I’m wondering if there is a driver from Sony I would be better off with (I checked the website and couldn’t find anything for this model though) which might fix the problem. If anyone has come across this problem or knows how to solve it I would be grateful for help,


Hi and welcome!

at first, there is no such thing like a downloadable driver for optical drives.
If there are problems in playing DVD movies, then there are other issues, possibly with your player software. Try VLC and see if that works.


Ok, problem fixed!

Thanks Michael, DVD’s play fine in VLC. Not really sure why the other programs I used weren’t working (Power DVD and MSI DVD which have both worked on previous systems for me).

Use 79 pin ribbon cable (EIDE); Dont use anydvd, DVD Genie or DVD Region Free or any other software to disable RPC Check.; After inserting the Disc open PowerDVD (bundled with SONY Drive) & click play; This should work.

If possible use Windows ME to play. The above restrictions are for XP only.

Look for RPC 1 Patched firmware.

Good Luck and Happy New Year to YOU ALL