Sony AW-G170 vs NEC 7173A

I’m getting a bit confused about this Sony/Optiarc/NEC deal.

I was going to buy an NEC 7173A, but my supplier said they’re out of stock and can send me a Sony AW-G170 instead, it’s a bit cheaper too.

Is the AW-G170 the same hardware as the AD7170 (the LabelFlash-less version of the 7173A) but with Sony branding instead of NEC?

I’ve seen Liggy/Dee’s firmware page, and it seems that they have firmware for the G170 and the AD7170, can you use either firmware on either drive, or are they locked to their brand or something?

Could you maybe cross-flash a Sony AW-G170 to an NEC 7173A?!

I’ve always kept away from Sony products full stop, and have always gone NEC for DVD burners, but if both brands are essentially marketing the same drive (manufactured by NEC?) I guess it’s OK to go either way.

Basically I’m asking are the Sony drives the same as the NEC drives, but under a different name, and can you use either firmware?


not such a useful answer…

In addition to being a bit short, it was even wrong.

The Sony AW-G170A and the Optiarc (NEC) AD-7170A drive are the same and even have compatible firmwares.

excellent, that’s just what i need to know thanks liggy, i’ll buy the g170.

so why is there an ad7170 1.o3 firmware and a aw-g170 1s2 firmware, that seem to have the same strategies?

if there is a difference, which one is preferable, or do they just keep the branding?

ooh, i see binflash 1.34 for linux supports “both” drives, woot!

Yep the [B]s [/B] for Sony and [B]o[/B] for Optiarc branding. The write strategies on both firmwares are identical.

Could you maybe cross-flash a Sony AW-G170 to an NEC 7173A?!

Was referring to the above statement…

Your website says you cant crossflash the 7170 to a 7130, correct?
AW-G170 = 7170. So camt crossflash the G170 to a 7173A, correct?

I assumed you were referring to the last question.

Your website says you cant crossflash the 7170 to a 7130, correct?

7173, not 7130 but that’s essentially what is written on my site. But I stopped looking at crossflashing between drive models.

AW-G170 = 7170. So camt crossflash the G170 to a 7173A, correct?

For me there’s no real difference between AW-G170 and AD-7170, so what is valid for one drive, is also valid for the other.

OK, so somebody clue me in…

  • I know the company name is Sony Nec Optiarc. Is the product name also Sony Nec Optiarc? Just Optiarc? Something else?

  • Sony’s still selling drives independentely, under the sony brand? But they’re basically rebranded Optiarcs? So can I expect to see Sony 2345, Nec 5678 and optiarc 6789, and all three are identical? Or has the Nec brand officially been terminated?

While NEC still calls these drives NEC AD-xxxxY, the drives will identify as Optiarc AD-xxxxY. Sony has drives with their own firmware that also identifies as Sony.

But in the end they all share the same hardware and the firmware probably doesn’t differ much either.

So can I install 7170s - 100 firmware (has a newest write strategies) on my 7173A?

No you can’t. 7170S is not a 7170A or 7173A
The S stands for SATA, while A is used for ATAPI drives (I guess)

The best solution is probably to let Binflash decide whether a firmware can be flashed or not.

I have the AW-G170 fw1.71

Should i flash it to the optiarc? or just keep it as the sony fw? What are your suggestions?

I would dump your firmware to your hard drive with Binflash first, then you can try some 7170 firmwares and if you don’t like them you can revert back to your original firmware.

But what would be the benefits? I see that Liggy has a sony 1.71fw with bitsetting. What is that about? The current 1.71 does not allow bitsetting?

My advice: crossflash to AD-7173

[QUOTE=Mr. Greg]My advice: crossflash to AD-7173

Just tried it but Binflash said the firmware is for other drive.PLease help .


Cd Freaks cannot help with a crossflash, you won’t gain anything performance wise by crossflashing anyway.
Stick with a G170 or 7170 firmware.

2 fandos2007
You without problems flash AD-7170A firmware to Sony AW-G170A.

THanks Dee and Mr Greg for your replies