Sony AW-G170 or Nec Optiarc 7173A?

I learning towards one of these drives as my next writer, is there any significant difference between them ?

Whats important to me is decent, reliable write speeds and firmware support. Does it matter which one I go for, I’ll probably be buying the drive from ebuyer ;

The Optiarc AD-7173A has Labelflash support and the Sony AW-G170A does not.

Apart from that they are identical except for firmware and maybe the faceplate.

You can quite happily flash the Sony with the NEC firmware and back so long as it is within the spec of the drive, ie keep non lableflash firmware to non lableflash drives.

The drive wouldn’t accept the wrong firmware anyway :wink:

You wouldnt want someone forcing the issue though would you :slight_smile:

dont buy one -read the posts first–unless u like spending ur time problem solving

Most people wouldn’t know how to force it anyway. And no, it’s not just modifying the ID at the end of the firmware file. :disagree: