Sony AudioCD Protection

In the Danish press you yesterday could read, that SONY is almost ready to launch their own AudioCD Protection.

According to SONY DENMARK the protectionsystem will turn the music into “noice”, when copied. And the system should be out in September.

That’s all the information at the moment. Is there anybody out there, who know more about this SONY AudioCD Protection.:confused:

the only thing I know is that a crack will be available soon :cool: 'cause no audio cd copy protection can violate the red book specifications, hence the protections will all be similar…

Darren Hayes tenson and the spark has this protection .
Clone cd copies the disk , cd creator doesnt. The tracks come out sounding like a heavy mother inlaw is walking over the floor and the turntable arm is vibrating

Tried playing on portable cd player feeding into line in on audio card and creating wav file.
All looks ok but on playback a high pitched multi tone noise drowns out the music

My guess is second session trojan.

SHIFT key works a little, I know it’s hard to use the felt pen trick since they covered up that gap but that will work…session 1 is still redbook could have hardware errors though like CDS

Dont understand reference to shift key , The celine Dion marker fix is about 2 years old now and would be very suprised if it worked again

However since I paid full retail (uk) can do without the risk .

No doubt someone will come up with a crack

The felt pen trick always covers up the data session, that will stop the data session this always works esp. to stop the session 1 from looking like data and to stop the trojan from loading.

If they added Hardware errors to the audio session (from my tests they didn’t) it’s that simple.

Since it says this cd may not play on all players, they probably added in C2 errors. I copied the disk by covering up the data session, my plextor ripped it fine. That was on the first release in Germany…dunno if they changed yours.

I think it’s CDS-200 + MediaMax = sony protection

Dont think they would have changed the protection just for the uk so if it worked for you should be ok .

Dont have any detail on the felt tip trick can you point me in any direction please ???

When you felt tipped it did you use permenant or dry marker ???

Were you able to play on a domestic player after marking ???

With EAC there really isn’t a reason to do that unless EAC fails and it didn’t on Sony’s protection.

First I’d try EAC with holding shift key down = show native TOC. If you have a plextor this works great!

Yep I ripped it on my Plextor. All tracks showed up as data (CDS200 trick), on EAC I used show native TOC = but if you have already installed the software it won’t work, the trojan will mess up your ASPI drivers (MediaMax).

What type of drives are you using? Try them all using EAC + Show native TOC.

I used Alcohol 120% with the Audio CD+ profile to make a back-up of the CD. Worked fine for me :iagree: (Burner: Lite-On SOHC-5232K)

srry have I missed a post , cos I dont understand your last ???

Alcohol or Clone should do it with read session 1 only - though as I siad he probably installed the software player so the ASPI drivers won’t copy it then…

Managed a copy using line out on a portable cd player into line in on audio card .
Will try using alcohol .
Thanks for all the input
Pity its not the best cd in the world

Alcohol worked just fine.

Used alcohol this morning but looks like I copied both sessions , burnt image played ok on pc but not on domestic player which produced vibratto effect ,however;
Rebooted , inserted master , pressed shift key to stop player loading , used clone cd
and copied only session 1 .
Plays perfectly on pc and domestic player

Thanks for the help you guys

There ya go m8 :smiley:

Hi All

Just to confirm that I too, had a problem with Darren Hayes’ latest CD. The shift key sorted out the problem for me too
(using Liteon 851s, and Easy CD-DA Extractor)


Someone should make a thread on this on how to defeat it, or edit the audio protection post which is becoming outdated.

Sounds like you nominated yourself , Ill vote for you

ill know what the protections name is

Key2audio xa it a protection like key2audio and cd extra,
want ther is a player on the cd ,cd extra is audio and data
so Sony use Key2audio xa as the name of ther protection
and it very simpel to copy.
if you can burn protectet wma files then is this nothing.