Sony Atrac3/MP3 CD Walkman doesn\'t play burned mp3-CD

[qanda]This thread is about the Sony Atrac3/MP3 CD Walkman D-NE319 - CD / MP3 player. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]HI EVERYBODY SO I JUST MADE A NEW CD 4 MY MOM AND IT PLAYS PERFECTLY ON MY PC BUT NOT ON HER CD PLAYER…HELP?

Did you close the disc before you tried playing it on the player? that would be the most common cause, what did you use to burn the disc?

Tanks 4 Helping Me…umm I Didnt Close The Cd I Used Windows Media Player To Burn It…did I Do Sometin Rong?

One tool that is recommended around here for making audio cds is called Burrrn. You can get it here:

Free, and seems simple to use.

Is the TOC written? if it isn’t that player will not be able to recognize it. also, what media are you using?

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Wats The Toc? I Am Using Windows Media Player The Regular One I Guess…

What version? can that player play a regular audio CD fine? if not it might just be a dirty lens. Also MP3 CD’s in that particular player sometimes take a while to read. How long did you wait?

actually the mp3 player is new it plays regular cds perfectly it just doesnt play the mp3…

Can you go to options in windows media player and then click the rip music tab, tell me what format it is set to rip too, it may be ripping to WMA instead, which that player doesn’t recognize

well i cheked in the rip but it doesnt say right now i am chekin were it says other options…it has many

Does it look like this? See how mine is set as rip to MP3?

yea i see that…is it necessary to post everyting here? well now that i set it to mp3 do i have to burn the cd all over again?

You have to re rip the songs and then burn it again