Sony ARccOS Protected Titles List

Other than RE:A & Little Black Book… Is there a list of films that have this protection?

I’m curious. Thanks!

I don’t know of a list, but this would be an opportunity to start one:

Resident Evil - Apocalypse (R1, NTSC, US)
Little Black Book (R1, NTSC, US)
Walking Tall (R2, PAL, German)
Gothika (R2, PAL, German)
The Missing (R2, PAL, German)
Passion of Christ (R2, PAL, Italian)
Wrestlemania 3&4 (R2, PAL, UK)
City by the Sea (R2, PAL, German)

Note: The “Augsburger Puppenkiste” DVDs (R2, PAL, German) have a “bad sector” protection, but are not Sony Arccos protected. As nobody knows the name of this protection, it is sometimes called “Puppetlock”.