Sony "ArccOS" Problems?

My player (5007) seems to not like the Sony Motion Pictures protection software. I have tried two Hitch and the Spanglish dvd’s and when the feature movie started the player locked-up. I have downloaded the latest firmware and used the Hack utility to updated the firmware and all that went well but it still locks up. I know the player is working fine since it will play all the other items on the menu (previews, outtakes ect.ect) but when I press start movie all I get is a dark screen and a locked player.

Any advice would be greatly appriciated!

Many others report the same problem with 5005(6) units. Liteon is said to be working on the problem. BTY the new xXx: State of the Union has the same protection for a rented versions SONY omitts this protection when you buy from a store.