Sony any good?



Hi all, I have found a sony DWG120AB2 at a local store for £25. Is this a good buy or am I better off getting Pioneer DVR-111D at around £30? My main uses will be data backup, I will not be burning video or anything like that but I will also use it for audio playback, cheers


Hi martian1097, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Both the drives you mention are good, and like always they each have their strengths and weaknesses. The Sony DW-G120A is identical to a LiteOn SHM-165P6S except for a different faceplate and different firmware.

BTW are you one of the little green men (or women)? :bigsmile:


Thanks for the quick advice. No i’m not green but people sometimes think I live on a different planet to everyone else :wink:


I just bought a Sony dru-820a and so far it seems to work ok. The only problem I have had so far is burning DVD-R disks. This is very frustrating because I have about 90 disks left from a stack of a hundred. The disks are TYG02. From what everyone has told me, Taiyo Yuden disk are the best out there. Anyway the disks failed when I tried to copy one of my drives. The only variables that I can think of that could cause this failure, are the fact that the files are both pictures and music files or the fact that the drive is a partitioned SCSI drive. The other thing that I am afraid of is that the drive can’t write to DVD-R disks or I have a stack of faulty disks. Also I am running an AMD Semperon CPU with a VIA chip set. As far as the connection to the computer my Sony drive is the master drive on the second Ide channel and I have a Yamaha CRW-F1E. I think that covers everything. I would certainly appreciate it if someone can help.

Thank you.




that DRU-820 is a Benq made drive. So you may ask in the Benq section over there.
You state, that you cannot write to DVD-R, especially TYG02 (indeed top media). Are you able to burn other media like DVD+R or DVD-R of different brands?
Also, there are fake TY existing. Make sure, your discs are genuine. There is a sticky about that in the Blank Media section.



Well I am fairly sure they are TYG02 disks. I did read the sticky about them plus my Nero info tool says they are and I bought them from SuperMediaStore which also has the same information about fake TY disks. It’s ironic that you say this is a BenQ drive because I used to have a BenQ 1620 drive that had problems writing to these disks. As for other media I have Ridata DVD+RW disks that work great for backing up my files using the backup software that comes with Nero. However my dad, who also has a BenQ 1620 drive has been using it to backup his files using the DLA function. But the strange thing is that when he switched to Windows xp the DLA function no longer works. It won’t even let him format a disk, so he went back to Win98SE. So now we have a computer with WinXP two brand new 80gb sata drives and no one is using it.

Anyway thanks for the advice and I will go to the BenQ forum and see if anyone there knows anything about my drive

Thanks a lot Michael.



It will do the job for general purpose. Make sure you use good media like Verbatim and media made in Japan



Check if an update of DLA is available. On the other hand, these packet writing tools are very often the source of trouble…